Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule

We offer three fee structures:

    • Time & materials projects

    • Fixed price projects

    • Subscription services

Hourly rate for consulting and fees for teaching training courses onsite are listed below. Please contact Dr. Tao Hong to discuss your business needs and get a quote.

Hourly Rates

Premium hourly rates (2019/4 - present): $900/hour

Standard hourly rates (2019/4 - present): $700/hour

Premium hourly rates (2017/9 - 2019/4): $800/hour

Standard hourly rates (2017/5 - 2019/4): $600/hour

Standard hourly rates (2015/5 - 2017/4): $500/hour

Onsite Training Fees

An onsite training is typically executed as a fixed price project. The cost includes three parts:

  • Base rate - the labor cost to teach the course within 90-minute driving distance.

  • Travel compensation - the labor cost to compensate long distance travel.

  • Estimated expenses - the expenses incurred due to the training, such as airfare, lodging, meals, parking, local transportation, and visa application fees.

Base rate (in USD) is based on the size and duration of a class.

Travel compensation (in USD) is based on one-way commute time.

Estimated expenses will be included in the formal quote prior to finalizing the contract.