Introduction to Energy Forecasting

Introduction to Energy Forecasting

Many utilities nowadays are concerned and complaining about the volatile wind power generation, uncertain rooftop PV adoption, variable demand due to various demand side management efforts, and the erratic gas and electricity prices. The problem is largely due to the inaccurate, unexplainable and indefensible forecasts generated from the forecasting practices in the pre-computer era.

This course offers an introduction to forecasting principles and practices, and their applications in the utility industry, such as demand forecasting, renewable generation forecasting, and price forecasting. It will be loaded with examples and illustrations that translate these methodologies into the utility practices.

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    • US - Arizona Public Service | Avista Utilities | El Paso Electic | Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska | Navajo Tribal Utility Authority | NMPP Energy | Pasadena Water | PLM Inc | Texas Retail Energy

    • International - BC Utilities Commission | FortisAlberta | Nevis Electricity Company Limited | Toronto Hydro