Fundamentals of Utility Analytics: Techniques, Applications and Case Studies

Fundamentals of Utility Analytics: Techniques, Applications and Case Studies

Analytics — the scientific process of transforming data into insight for making better decisions — is now a must-have skill for almost all utility professionals: from planning, to operations, to trading, to mid-level management, to the C-suite, and everywhere in between. During the recent decade this knowledge requirement has emerged and accelerated in the utility industry. The deployment of various sensors and meters has brought a large amount of data to the industry. Increased computing power has made quantitative analytics plausible, timely and economically feasible. Meanwhile, the advancement of information technologies has enabled utilities to make real-time operational decisions that are fact-based and data-driven. A challenge, though, has been to compile a coherent approach for professionals having different skill sets within the utility to leveraging the multiple applications of analytics to achieve better key performance indicator.

This course provides an introduction to analytics in the context of the electric power systems and industry. The course is designed for engineers, planners, analysts and managers who are either new to the utility industry or looking to develop a better understanding of how to use analytics across the entire organization. Through a number of diverse case studies and hands-on exercises, the attendees will gain a fundamental understanding of how to apply analytics within the utility industry, the classical and emerging problems, and how to tackle those problems using the quantitative techniques in the enterprise environment.

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