Introduction to Energy Forecasting - outline

Introduction to Energy Forecasting

The standard outline is listed below. The IEEE version (co-instructed with several other energy forecasting experts) is available HERE.

Course Outline

Forecasting principles

  • Predictable or not?

    • Forecasting terminologies

    • Signal, noise and tradeoff

    • Forecast combination

    • Diffusion of innovation

    • Judgmental forecasting

Forecasting practices

  • Forecast evaluation

  • Univariate models

  • Multivariate models

  • Machine learning techniques

Electric load forecasting

    • Driving factors

    • Short term load forecasting

    • Long term load forecasting

    • Modern challenges

Gas load forecasting

    • Driving factors

    • Methodologies

Wind power forecasting

    • Characteristics of wind and wind generation

    • Key milestones in the literature

    • Probabilistic wind power forecasting

    • Evaluating wind power forecasts

Solar power forecasting

    • Driving factors of solar power generation

    • Forecasting power output of solar farms

    • Forecasting power output of rooftop PV

Gas and electricity price forecasting

  • Gas price forecasting

  • Electricity price forecasting

Global Energy Forecasting Competitions

    • GEFCom2012: hierarchical load forecasting and wind power forecasting

    • GEFCom2014: probabilistic energy forecasting

    • An outlook of energy forecasting