CMM Level M Assignments

Charlotte Math Meetup Assignments (Level M)

These problems can be solved by elementary and/or middle school math. They are designed from CMM Level M students, though some students in Level E may find them interesting too.

Note: The answer to each problem should be a number. For irrational numbers, please round to hundredth. Please also report how many minutes it takes you to finish each problem. Do not rush.

Answer Sheet (Level M)

7th Assignment (Due: 8:00pm ET, May 4, 2020)

    1. A is a two-digit number. The sum of its digits is S. If S3 = A2, what is the sum of all possible values of A?

    2. One day, Dr. Hong tells Leo: "When I was at your age, you were 9 years old. When you reach my age, I will be 90 years old." When Leo was born, how old was Dr. Hong?

    3. Leo is one of the fastest jump ropers in his age group. Dr. Hong plans to take him and the family to the national jump rope competition in Orlando. They are going to visit a few Southeast cities between Charlotte (NC) and Orlando (FL), such as Atlanta (GA), Charleston (SC), Columbia (SC), Greenville (SC), Jacksonville (FL), Myrtle Beach (SC), Savannah (GA), Spartanburg (SC), and Tallahassee (FL). If Dr. Hong wants to start from Charlotte, visit each city only once, and go back to Charlotte, how many miles does he have to drive on the shortest path? (Please use Google Map to find out the shortest path between two cities.)

6th Assignment (Due: 8:00pm ET, April 27, 2020)

5th Assignment (Due: 8:00pm ET, April 20, 2020)

4th Assignment (Due: 8:00pm ET, April 13, 2020)

3rd Assignment (Due: 8:00pm ET, April 6, 2020)